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The Originals

YouTubeのMotownMaster さんのThe Voice Mastersをかけてくれる

YouTube→♪The Voice Masters- Free

The Originals started out as The Voice Masters thier original members were Ty Hunter, David Ruffin, Lamont Dozier, C.P Spencer and Walter Gaines, Ty Hunter ended up in a group Glass House with Scherrie Payne in the late 60' David in The Temptations, Lamont in Holland-Dozier-Holland, Freddie Gorman, Hank Dixon, and Joe Stubbs joined in 1966 and they became The Originals, this records "Free" was released on Anna in 1961

前説によると、The Originalsははじめ
Ty Hunter, David Ruffin(The Temptationsの),
Lamont Dozier, C.P Spencer , Walter Gaines
の5人でThe Voice Mastersとしてスタートした・・


▼The Originals

名曲 Baby I'm for Real 
The Originalsが1969年に発表
コンポーザーは Marvin Gayeと奥さんの Anna Gordy Gaye

The Originalsが1969年に発表

The Very Best of the OriginalsThe Very Best of the Originals
The Originals


♪The Originalsからさらに、1981年のアルバム”Baby I'm for Real ”に収録されている

Baby I'm for RealBaby I'm for Real
The Originals


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